It’s Amore in Clearwater BEACH

One of the things I miss most about not living in New York is FOOD! I love food and I love trying new places to eat. I have found a few restaurants that serve good food, but have not found a restaurant anywhere close to the New York Italian food that I love and miss so much.

We are always on the search for that New York slice of Pizza and great Italian food. Image my surprise to find it in Clearwater Beach Florida of all places!

We were on a trip to visit my daughter for her twenty first birthday. Looking at different places to eat in Clearwater we decided we just wanted to stay within walking distance of our hotel. There was a pizza place across the street that from the outside looked quite small, but we were determined to not go far so we could maximize our time at the beach. So we headed across the street to get a pizza and try it out.

When you first enter you are greeted not only by the hostess but the staff as well! What we first noticed as we walked in was the smell of pure heaven! Oh my if the food tastes half as good as the smell, I am HOME!

I have to say the staff here is excellent. You can tell they really love their job and the restaurant and it shows. So we ordered a small pie half mushrooms and half pepperoni.

It’s Amore

It was awesome so we decided we needed to eat at Gondolier’s for dinner as well. The prices are reasonable and they bake all their own desserts! I never would have guessed that it was a franchise restaurant it felt like home. Below is our meal in pictures and of course we had to top it off with two cappuccinos and a Neapolitan. It was an awesome meal that I thoroughly enjoyed and now have a great place to go for fine Italian food! Thanks to Gondolier and their wonderful staff!

Be sure to visit them at:

674 S Gulfview Blvd
Clearwater, Florida 33767