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Hi there!

Most days you will find me involved in multiple projects and drinking espresso.

I am known for my marketing, creative concepts, business branding, business evaluation, consulting and growing new businesses from startups!

I love how you can literally work from anywhere if you have the drive the passion and the discipline.

You have a great idea that you know is going to be awesome, your are ready to start but not sure how to proceed and that is where I can help!

If you are – About to launch a new project but are unsure how to proceed – Already launched a project but didn’t receive the results you expected – Looking to grow your business - Have the concept but are not sure how to proceed - Let's Chat!

I work with creative entrepreneurs like you to help them realize their dream of starting their own business and start on their entrepreneurial adventure.

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Have a great idea but don't know where to start?

I started back in 2008 to fill a void by providing an easy-to-read step-by-step hand book that women, regardless of their level of business experience, can use to plant the seeds of entrepreneurial success.

Answering common questions that aspiring entrepreneurs often have, and gives detailed instruction on how to do everything from setting up a business on a budget and designing a logo, to strategically using search engine optimization to attract customers to a new website. In addition to information and tips, each chapter of the book includes inspirational and encouraging quotes. All Book readers are given access to Tool and Resources through site for free! You can use these additional tools, downloadable forms and more to continue to grow your business!

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